1 Airborne Battery

(Royal Canadian Artillery)



Sergeant Sandul and his L5 Pack Howitzer Detachment



1 AB Bty (RCA) in 1969

Names (Left to Right)

First Row

Ron Burke, Sandi MacDonald, Fishy Legros, Don Felix, Paul Lecky, Scott Burton, Dan Eastman, BSM D.J. Willet, Ben Russell, Gord McKinnon, Bill Prosper, Andy Armstrong, Ken Stewart, O.J. Simpson, Sonny Bragdon, Jimmy Stewart.

Second Row

Dave Aalto, Willy Fairbanks, Gord Carter, Jim Mitchell, Dallas Mason, Arnie Korfman, Captain Fenny, Capt Pender, BC Major McClatchey, Captain Gerry Hirter, Lieutenant Dave Krauter, Lieutenant Filonik, Jack Christenson, Trapper Walton, Bill Martens, Spike MacDiarmid, Harry Naylor.

Third Row

? Miller, Jack Whitmore, Bill Murray, Jim Sandul, Dave Felteau, Jim Banting, Ron Purcell, Bud Britton, Don MacLeaod, ? Plumridge, Pierre Deroy, Al Curwin, Fergie Ferguson, Bill Tremain, Myles Smith.

Fourth Row

Dave Squires, Jake Keltry, Louis Pepin, Sam Parsons, Bill Ingle, Paul Watkins, Gord Bower, Ken Madore, ? Gagne, Sac Leblanc, ? Penny, Jack Savage, Bob Carsons, Claude Senecal, Gord D'Andrea, Tony Ruel, Ed Ferguson.


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Cyprus 1974

(Photo provided by Mike Walker)

This picture was taken about two months after the 1974 Turkish Invasion of Northern Cyprus. The picture was taken on the roof of the terminal building of the Nicosia International Airport. In the photo you can see on the left the Secretary General of the United Nations at the time, Mr Kurt Waldheim. On the right is Captain GM (Mike) Walker and behind him and mostly obscured is the then Commanding Officer of 1 AB Bty (RCA), Major DB (Doug) Walton. The other civilian behind Mr. Waldheim is unidentified.

The picture was taken around October of 1974 when Mr Waldheim was being given a tour of the area where a battle took place in front of the 1 Airborne Battery positions. The actual battle took place from 14 to 16 August of 1974 between a battle group of the Turkish Army and the Greek Cypriot fighters.

Those who saw the battle will never forget it.



Planning on Exercise

(Photo credit - Sgt John Northwood (1977), Senior Operations Clerk, Canadian Airborne Regiment)

This photo is from the days when 1 AB Bty (RCA) was stationed in Edmonton. The photo was taken in January of 1977 during a combined 1 Brigade and Canadian Airborne Regiment exercise. The photo was taken at the Regimental Command Post near the Cattlo Bridge in Wainwright Alberta. On the left is the then Commanding Officer , Major EB (Ernie) Beno, and on the right is the Operations Officer of the Canadian Airborne Regiment, Captain GM (Mike) Walker.

Major Beno and Captain Walker were in the process of reviewing the map traces which Major Beno had produced for the Air Defence and Anti-Armour plans required to defend the Regiment's defensive perimeter prior to the link up with 1 Brigade.


Mock Tower Training


Jumping in 1968




Cardiff Wales—Queens Silver Jubilee—Airborne Regt Unarmed Combat Team


Pete Rosenberg and Lorne Ogden in Australia for the Jungle Warfare Course in 1975



Military Freefall Parachutists



Those who served in the final days of 1 AB Bty (RCA)  March 1977

This picture was taken in Lancaster Park in March 1977 on the occasion of a visit by our Col. Commandant, BGen "Teddy" Leslie. This is the last Bty photo taken prior to the move to Petawawa.

Rear row:  Wo Jack St Laurent, Sgt Doug Guttin, Sgt Butch Bouchard, MBdr Bob May, Sgt Russ Byrne, Tpr Harsen, Tpr Bob Greenwood, Maj Ernie Beno, BGen EMD Leslie DSO CD, MWO Les Skinner, Sgt Andy Armstrong, Tpr Harry Linke, Tpr Rick Lineker. MBdr Fernando Bourget, Tpr Ken Webster, Lt Bablitz, Capt Andre Richard.

Centre row:  Capt Gillenwater, MBdr Karl Wiklund, MBdr Trevor Badour, Tpr Phil Ryan, Tpr Reasbeck, Tpr Lorne Odgen, Bdr Bill Tattersall, MBdr Roy, Tpr Bob Kennoway, Tpr Bob Lague, Sgt Rick Clark, Tpr Lamarche, Sgt Eric Dwyer, Tpr Colin Norris, Tpr Jon McEvoy, MBdr "Fly" D'Andrea, MCpl Jeff Brown.

Front row:  Tpr Glen Collins, Lt Jamie Gates, Sgt Terry Meehan, Bdr Cronin, Sgt Jim Sandul, Sgt Kenny Sisson, MBdr Ron Burke, Tpr Rylaarsdam, Tpr Lebuis,

Tpr Blais, Tpr Landreville, Bdr John Hunt, Sgt Charlie Blake, MBdr Dick Derkson, Bdr Morrissette, MBdr Sam Rothwell, MBdr Earl Morrell, Tpr Pete Rosenberg.

Missing:  Capt Jack Mortlock, Sgt Bill Black, Sgt Jake Keltey, Sgt Howie Kochanski, MBdr Al Curwin, MBdr Dan McKinnon, Bdr Terry Wells, Tpr Dufresne, Tpr Phil Hughes.


The Battery in The “Leaving Edmonton Parade” 1977

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