1 Airborne Battery

(Royal Canadian Artillery)


Bdr Derkson and Jake Kelty on top of the Nicosia Airport, manning a .50 cal during the Turkish invasion.  Neither Jake nor I knew how to load a .50 cal, so Gerry Raymond had to load it for us for the photo op.  This photo hit all the national newspapers of the day and was also used on the back cover of BGen Clay Beattie's book "The Bulletproof Flag"

Bdr Derkson getting ready to paint the letters

"UN" on one of the outposts surrounding the Nicosia Airport 1974


The roof of the airport in Nicosia. It shows how 1 AB Bty placed sandbags up to the roof. Several ropes affixed to a garbage bucket with sandbags in it, a bunch of bodies on the roof pulling the bucket up through a skylight.  Bdr Derkson is in the white shirt, behind him is Gerry Raymond.  Also in the photo (TBC), are Bdr Earl Morrell, Tpr Bob Lague, MBdr Bill Black, Bdr Miles Smith, and a couple Bdr Derkson can't identify


The L-5 in the anti-tank position.  I think Wainwright but could be Shilo.  Sitting on the trails are Bdr Sleepy Curwin and Sgt Long John Flanagan


On exercise in the Mojave Desert 1973.  Sitting is Jake Kelty, holding the round is Jim Lachance, holding the charge bags is Pierre Deroy, and unknown person who is standing with hands on hips


The Bty on the walk back from an exercise in Ft. McMurray to Edmonton


On exercise in Jamaica, back-packing 81mm mortars


Bruce McMullen shortly after landing under two chutes.  This was in the Edmonton area, early 70's, probably between 70-72 .  He had a couple of blown panels in his main and pulled his reserve and came down under both


This is a shot of the last mass drop by the Airborne Regt before it was disbanded



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