E Bty (Para) 2 RCHA


Pete Rosenberg - E Bty (Para) - and fellow Patrol Pathfinder Course mates onboard the HMCS Onondaga (Submarine) in 1978


Pete Rosenberg and Spot Norris, Ghost River AB for a Mountain Exercise - 1989 E Bty (Para)


E Bty (Para) in Trenton on 11 December 1992 for a Quick Rig


E Bty (Para) personnel train in the UK with 2 Para in December of 1992


An L5 Pack Howitzer of E Bty (Para) during a winter exercise


The last jump of E Bty (Para) on 3 September 1993



Last known group photo of E Bty (Para) taken in August of 1993



An L5 Pack Howitzer drops onto DZ "Anzio" during the last jump of E Bty (Para) on 3 September 1993


De-rigging an L5 Pack Howitzer on the last jump, 3 September 1993


The following photos are courtesy of Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d)

D.J. “Spud” Leclair,

Past Battery Commander of E Bty (Para)


Members of E Bty (Para) deploying an L5 Pack Howitzer


E Bty (Para)


Then Maj Leclair on the E Bty (Para) Gun Line


Change of Command between Major Bil Soucie and Major Spud Leclair under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel E.B. Beno, CO 2 RCHA and past BC of 1 AB Bty, RCA



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