My Early Days and Cool Pictures

Here's a couple of pictures of me from my jump course, which I did as an Army Cadet, and one of me

and my friend Dwayne Berezuik just after our jump course.

This was our course photo.

Rigging for a jump!

New Airborne Cadets.


Here are a couple of pics from my early Airborne days. I was serving in E-Battery (Parachute) and the

Airborne Air Defence Troop of the Second Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery.

Packing up my chute on DZ  Anzio


“Eight Minutes to Midnight”

Jumping into Normandy

By Robert Bailey

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Here's a couple of nice pictures of Airborne Troops Jumping

Some nice Hercules shots


I bet you didn't know that Snoopy was Airborne!


I don't think that I'd want these guys mad at me!

German Fallschirmjaeger


British Paratroops emplaning in a C47

for Operation "Market Garden"


1st Airborne Division Artillery Headquarters Group

during Operation Market Garden



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