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I would ask those who have served in the Airborne Air Defence, be it the 2 RCHA AD Troop, Y Battery 2 RCHA, or the Airborne Air Defence Troop with the Canadian Airborne Regiment in the final days, to please send me pictures at so I can improve this part of the web site.



2 RCHA Air Defence Troop Basic Blowpipe Course 8401

This photo has both Airborne Gunners and a few of our non-jumper friends. One of the great things about the Air Defence Troop in 2 RCHA was that it had both an Airborne and AMF (L) role.

Some familiar faces here.

Front Row (L to R) - MBdr Karcha, Sgt Prudhomme, Sgt Critchley, Lt Brown, Maj Elrick (Regt 2IC), MWO Galinger (BSM HQ Bty) Sgt Randall, MBdr Cusson

Standing at the ends: Left Bdr Dykes, Right MBdr Turcotte

Second Row (L to R) - MBdr Mitchell, Gnr Butt, Gnr Billsborough, Bdr Harvey, Gnr White, Bdr Carpenter, Gnr Cote, Bdr Green

Back Row (L to R) - Bdr Lebouthillier, Bdr Hill, Bdr Orban, Gnr Morin, Gnr Lariviere


The last photo of the Canadian Airborne Regiment Air Defence Platoon, 1995

Back Row:  Sgt Steve (Beaker) Collins, Bdr Paul Burke, Bdr Nolan Robert, Bdr Brian Saulnier, MBdr Kevin Payne, MBdr JJ White

Middle Row: MBdr Bill Paisley, Bdr Darren Langford, Bdr Chaz Gezink, Bdr Mark Lutes, Bdr Michelin, Bdr Les Cooper, Bdr Busby

Front Row:  WO Ken (Cock) Webster, MBdr Pete Kamckey, MBdr St Pierre, MBdr Bill Bird, Capt Jeff Schamehorn


A mixed group of Airborne Gunners from both E-Bty (Para) and the AB AD at the DanCon March, May 1993 Cyprus Roto 59. If you know the rest of the ranks let me know.

Front Row:  Sgt Gillingham , Gbr Gauley, Gnr Shipway (RiP), Lt Mathieu(?)

Rear Row:  Gnr MacNeil (AD), Ames, Lambert, Gezink (AD), JJ White (AD), Maj Stu Beare



Jumping at Fort Bragg in '84


Getting my US Wings at Fort Bragg in '84


The inevitable "Chute Shot" in Petawawa while jumping with the Air Defence


A Blowpipe Position In Norway in '83. Left to Right, Brigadier General Stewart, Special Service Force Commander, Lieutenant-Colonel Beno, CO 2 RCHA, Bombardier Fred (??), Detachment Commander and Gunner Davidson, Blowpipe Gunner.



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